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to the point

Full service
that gets to the point.

Every problem has a solution. With our full service, we promise to find the best possible one for you. Our team goes above and beyond to deliver the outstanding results you expect from us.


Full Service

Our number one priority is accompanying you on every step of your journey to help you achieve your goals. Our service extends far beyond helping you solve a straightforward legal issue. We identify pragmatic and holistic solutions that are legally and economically tailored to your needs. Because, to us, you always come first.

Experience you can count on:

  • more than 400 cases before the Austrian Supreme Court, Administrative Court and Constitutional Court
  • more than 10 cases before the European Court of Justice
  • more than 750 transactions and 40 bonds issues
  • clients from more than 20 different industries
  • more than 300 professional publications
added value
added value

Creating added value

The highest level of professional expertise combined with absolute efficiency, legal creativity and a proactive, solution-oriented approach. This is what makes our teams so effective. We won’t stop until we have found the solution that gives you the greatest and most sustainable added value.

The smarter the minds the greater the ideas. Our team members are renowned experts in their respective fields. They are sought-after teachers, lecturers and researchers. They regularly publish articles in the most respected legal journals and reference works. Their unmatched expertise is the cornerstone of our consulting services.
We get the best results for you out of any situation. To do so, we rely on streamlined structures and efficient time management. We don’t get bogged down on incidental issues, we give you clear answers and recommendations. Quick and simple.
We find solutions by thinking outside the box and keeping a close eye on all business management and tax-related aspects. You receive a clear and concise presentation of your options, together with clear-cut and actionable recommendations, tailored to your needs.
We think two steps ahead and beyond all boundaries. This allows us to identify new approaches and open up new terrain for you. We move forward confidently and are proud to be different. Because what counts is your success.


Many of our clients have been relying on us for decades. Their loyalty is our greatest honor. But, we also take pride in being ranked among the top legal practices in leading international directories.



We have all legal bases covered. Thanks to our extensive professional network, we can offer you immediate and unbureaucratic support from leading local law firms worldwide.

We are a member of "Greenlane", a network of independent law firms with a unique focus on international trade law, export control, customs and excise and import duties.

Since 2008, we have been a member of "SCG Legal", a worldwide network of 122 independent law firms and more than 12,000 legal professionals serving clients in major commercial centers and capitals in 62 countries.