It is our target to provide our clients with top quality services. In addition to the academic activities of the members of our firm and regular lectures at universities, specialised institutions of higher education as well as seminars for practicing lawyers the membership and active participation in internationally recognized organisations and associations serves this purpose, too.

Our firm and/or its members form part of the following associations:

Österreichische Bankwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft (Austrian Society for Bank-Research) ( which deals primarily with practice oriented (further) education and training in the field of banking and finance as well as the promotion of research in the fields of banking, finance and capital markets. The association publishes the professional journal "Österreichisches Bank-Archiv" (Austrian Banking-Archive).

FOWI-Forschungsintitut für Mittel- und Osteuropäisches Wirtschaftsrecht (Research Institute
for Central and Eastern European Business Law) ( Since 1991 FOWI is engaged in questions of the business law of CEE, SEE and CIS countries; it documents the legal development in these countries, in particular Bulgaria, Croatia, Poland, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Check Republic and Hungary.

European Centre of Tort and Insurance Law ( This institute deals with comparative legal studies in the field of tort and insurance law and is primarily engaged in the development of a uniform European tort law.

Zivilrechtslehrervereinigung (Association of Civil Law Professors) ( The association of civil law professors comprises university professors of German speaking universities which are active in all fields of civil law;
it is engaged in studies in the development of general civil law as well as specific subgroups thereof.

Bankrechtliche Vereinigung - Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Bankrecht e.V. (Association
for Banking Law - Scientific Association for Banking Law) ( The purpose of this association is the promotion of scientific studies of banking law matters as well as the organisation of an annual meeting.

IVR - Internationale Vereinigung zur Wahrnung der gemeinsamen Interessen der Binnenschifffahrt und der Versicherung und zur Führung des Binnenschifffahrtsregisters in Europa (International Association for the representation of the mutual interests of the inland shipping and the insurance and for keeping the register of inland vessels in Europe) ( which besides the technical assessment of ships and their registration is engaged in harmonising and unifying the transport and liability provisions for navigation on European water ways.