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IP / IT / Unfair Competition

We advise and support our clients with regard to the protection of their intellectual property rights, i.e. trademarks, utility patents, know-how, copy right or ancillary copy right as well as their exploitation. We also advise companies and support them in connection with legal questions regarding the planning of marketing measures as well as the defence against unfair competition of their competitors

Our services:

  • registration of trademarks and utility patents in Austria, the European Community and beyond

  • defence against the infringement of existing trademarks and utility patents

  • license agreements

  • enforcement of claims derived out of license agreements, trademarks and utility patents

  • advise on and enforcement of claims derived out of copy right or ancillary  copy right

  • assessment of marketing measures with regard to their legal admissibility

  • enforcement of claims under the Act on Unfair Competition against unfair competitors, including the representation in civil proceedings and ancillary criminal proceedings

  • defence against legal actions of competitors under the Act on Unfair Competition

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