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Link to Theresia Grahammer and Wilfried Seist´s contribution on COVID 19 and rent reduction in Austria in CEE Legal Matters magazine of 10 May 2021

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The most recent rankings published by Legal 500 are again very satisfactory for DSC. For more information click >>here

The student team (Julian Isci, Nora Panholzer und Marko Wahba ) coached by DSC wins the Viennese Moot Court for civil law and moves on to the Austrian finals. 

The Sigrid Maurer Case - The impossible proof of truth

Sigrid Maurer, a member of the Austrian Green Party and the Austrian parliament, was recently convicted of defamation by a court of first instance. The reason was a Twitter posting she had posted along with an obscene message she had received from the Facebook account of the owner of a beer shop. In other postings, she called on people to bring the beer shop owner to account while providing a link of the shop owner's homepage and in addition, the opening hours of the beer shop, on her Twitter page. This triggered a "Shitstorm" on the Internet, which led to poor online ratings of the beer shop, and hate comments against the owner. Because Sigrid Maurer could not prove that the beer shop owner himself had written and submitted the obscene Facebook message to her, the court convicted her of defamation. The court of appeal has now overturned the decision against her and referred the case back to the court of first instance for re-trial. >>more

The cookie ruling – The European way of surfing the web (ECJ Case C-673/17)

Cookies are an integral part of the Internet, used by website operators i.e. to recognise users and enable targeted advertising. Until the end of 2011, website operators used cookies within Europe without user's knowledge.

With the adoption of the Directive 2009/136/EC by the EU, this is no longer permissible. Website operators who offer their service in Austria are obliged to inform users comprehensively about the use of cookies and to obtain their consent before using them. In the event of breach, the website operator is penalised with an administrative fine of up to EUR 37,000,00.    >>more 

DSC achieves a landmark ruling on the powers of a joint trustee for bondholders

In its decision as of 30 October 2019, 9 Ob 65/19b, the Austrian Supreme Court (OGH) clarified the powers of the joint trustee according to the Trustees Act (Kuratorengesetz). Pursuant to this ruling, it lies in the sole competence of the joint trustee to assert all claims, which result from the bond relationship and affect all bondholders equally. This includes information and accounting claims as well as claims against persons other than the issuer of the bond.

If you have any questions on this subject, please contact Dr. Peter Csoklich or Dr. Ulrich Edelmann.

The Best Lawyers Ranking 2019 published by Handelsblatt and WirtschaftsWoche lists several partnes of DSC in the categoury of Best Lawyers; in the fields of real estate, insolvency/restructuring and regulatory law partners of DSC have even been chosen as lawyers of the year 2019.

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The Chambers HNW Guide 2019 recognizes DSC as one of the leading firms in Private Wealth Law.

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New entitlement for all fathers to take one month off

Employers be ready:

New legal entitlement for all fathers to take one month off after the birth of their child’s starting with 1st of September 2019.

Ingrid Korenjak will gladly answer any questions you may have.

The student team coached by DSC (Angela Bis, Adrian Strobl, Elias Ulrich) achieved the 2nd place in the national finals of the Moot Court civil law in Innsbruck.


Moot Court 2019

The recent ranking published by JUVE confirms DSC in the field of Real Estate as top of the market. For more information click >>here

DSC advises the seller (a German real estate fund) of T-Center, a landmark office building in Vienna. DSC was already the advisor of the seller when it originally acquired the property in 2004.

DSC receives the Client Choice Award 2019 in the category Real Estate for Austria. For more information click >>here

The rankings published in Chambers 2019 confirm the quality and market standing of DSC. For further information click >>here

The student team (Angela Bis, Adrian Strobl, Elias Ulrich) coached by DSC wins the Viennese Moot Court for civil law and moves on to the Austrian finals. 

Christoph Diregger is among the top 50 lawyers in the financial sector in Börsianer-Ranking. (No. 28, Edition 4th quarter 2018) 

News from the ECJ regarding holiday consumption

The ECJ (Case C-214/16 King) has strengthened employees´ rights to holiday consumption. The entitlement to holiday consumption must not expire, simply because an employee has not applied for it. The decision has an impact on the Austrian Holiday Act. Employers have to face an increase of bureaucracy.

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Constitutional Court:

Ban on charging-on of ATM fees lifted

With its ruling on G 9/2018 and G 10/2018 the Austrian Constitutional Court has annulled the provision of Sec 4a of the Austrian Act on Consumer Payment Accounts (VZKG) as unconstitutional and granted the application of 495 banks represented by DSC Doralt Seist Csoklich. According to this norm the banks would have had to exempt consumers from the payment of withdrawal fees, which independent ATM operators agreed upon with the consumer. The Constitutional Court followed the reasoning of the banks that this provision would burden them with an incalculable cost risk, which constitutes a disproportionate encroachment on the right to inviolability of property.

Prof. Dr. Raimund Bollenberger  will gladly answer any questions you may have.

Recent amendment to the Austrian Working Time Act  -  The “twelve hour workday” from 01.09.2018

The legislative initiative on the twelve-hour workday and the flexible working hours has caused great excitement. The amendment act was passed on 05.07.2018 and will bring the following changes:

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Like in the last years members of DSC fared well in the ranking of attorneys at law published by the Austrian business weekly “trend” in the fields of banking, private clients & foundations and real estate

The most recent rankings in the Chambers Europe Guide 2018 underscore  again the quality and market standing of DSC. For further information see

The Austrian Supreme Court limits in its decision 5 Ob 74/17v the possibility for lessors to take the up market location of apartments into consideration when fixing the rent for apartments that are subject to specific rent control provisions (Richtwert)


The student team (Martin Fenz, Kevin Trost, Karla Wenko) coached by DSC wins the Viennese Moot Court for civil law and moves on to the Austrian finals. 



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